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    Online Quran Classes & Courses

    Learn Noorani Qaida

    Learn Noorani Qaida is the basic book for learning Quran. This is the critical level Quran Class online containing points such as Arabic letters, joining letters, lowering, capitalizing, using vowels, madda letters.

    Learn Quran Reading

    This Learning Quran Class, we go lesson by lesson & take the student to the top level to Learn Quran Learning Online with tajweed. Students have the supervision of parents, the guidance of Quran teachers and comfort of home.

    Quran with Tajweed

    In this course, You will learn Tajweed Rules and Arabic accent which will help you to correct your mistakes and you will end up Reciting the Holy Quran the best possible. All Muslims learn to comfort at home.

    Memorization Holy Quran

    We have presented an exceptionally effective approach to Memorize Quran Learning Online for kids and adults. A step by step preparing will let you be able ready to Memorize the Quran Learning in immediate time.

    Tafseer Quran Learning

    Learning Quran classes will develop the understanding of Ahkam, Commands of ALLAH.Children can also apply for Tafseer Learn Quran Learning Online of the Quran of specific Surah’s in which children will understand responsibilities of being a Muslim.

    Learn Quran for Kids

    It is responsibility of parents in Usa or worldwide to give excellent knowledge of  Quran Learning to their Kids. Learn Quran Academy USA has especially designed various Quran Classes for kids to Learn Quran Academy at home every easily.

    Online Quran Academy and Online Quran Classes

    Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults.

    The  Quran is the last and Final Book of Allah, the urge to Learn Quran Learning Online  is embedded deep into the hearts of all Muslims. Online  Quran Academy offers Online Quran Classes in USA, UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA to brothers, sisters and their kids. Ensuring that our Quran Learning students have the best and easy means of Learn Quran Learning Online possible.

    As we step into the modern day world, we realize life is digitizing very fast. People used to send their children to Masjid for Quran learning and for Quran Classes but now people prefer to take Online Quran Classes in USA. It benefits parents to monitor the learning Quran online of their kids, get to know a healthy Quran learning relationship between their child and online Quran Tutor. So you remain at home, save your valuable time and money learning Quran with children.

    Online Quran Academy promises to provide you a Qualified Quran Teacher. Who has Memorize Quran have excellent knowledge about Tajweed of Quran, and the ability to point of your mistakes and correct them. Female Quran Students  can be provided with female Quran Learning tutor. In a very short time, you and your kids will be able to learn to read Quran without any mistakes.

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    Why Choose Online Quran Academy?

    Experienced Quran Tutors

    Quran Tutor among our staff undergoes strict check and balance, ensuring his Tajweed of Quran, Memorization of Quran is perfect and reliable. Online Quran Academy ensures their qualification and experience is up to standards

    Simple Quran Classes for Kids

    Online Quran Academy provides simple yet effective methods of Learning Quran for kids. Making sure they are provided excellent  learning Quran environment and student friendly approach for them to learn very effectively

    Client Convenient Schedule

    Quran Academy stands out from others because we enable the  Quran Students to share their time of convenience of Online Quran Classes. It is our job to make arrangements for our clients for uninterrupted Online Quran Classes.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Quran Academy offers its Quran students the ultimate satisfaction of money back guarantee policy, in case the client is not satisfied with the learning outcomes. With this to offer, our clients Register  in Quran classes with confidence.

    Economical Tution Fee

    Quran Academy ensures best balance between client and tutor’s financial convenience. Our tution fee is affordable for Quran Learning Students For more details of our packages, please Click Here.

    Female Quran Tutors

    For the comfort of our Quran students, we facilitate the arrangements of female teacher staff. Only for minors and female clients on the timings of convenience. For more details please Click Here.


    See for your self what our Happy Students are saying about our Learn Quran Learning Online Academy.

    My son doing really well with the Online Quran Classes in  USA I think this Online Quran Academy is fantastic also my son likes doing it thank you. The staff at Learn Quran USA are very friendly and helpful the work they do is fantastic and are willing to help kids my son enjoys doing his Online Quran Classes everyday.

    Amina Ali - New Jersey USA

    We are quite happy with the Online Quran Academy – the Quran tutor is great and we like the way he spends 30 mints or so on the  Online Quran Classes and the last 3-5 minutes are about Adaab.

    Shahzad Jamal - Melbourne Australia

    My girl has a excellent experience learning online Quran classes at Learn Quran Academy. Her teacher is very friendly and patient to her. She tries to engage her into Learn  Quran Classes in every possible way. Overall it’s an Learn Quran platform for the religious learning of kids.

    Aneeba Tariq - Newyork USA

    I always found that my Quran Learning was not up to the standard it should be. Thankfully through Learn Quran Academy, I am now correcting my Tajweed and improving my Quran Learning.

    Haniya Uzair - Manchester UnitedKingdom