Frequently Asked Questions

Is online Quran learning helpful?

Yes online Quran Classes have proved to be very helpful according to our experience. Online Quran learning enables students to learn Quran at home where they are equipped with a comfortable environment that is extremely important for learning Quran.

Do you use a CD/Software to provide online Quran lessons?

No, the online Quran lessons provided at our website are based on live in-person service. However we do use some software as part of our online Quran teaching strategy. Apart from this we use a software called Chatviser instead of Skype for communication.

Do you have a trial version of your lessons?

Online Quran Lesson provides online Quran learning free trial classes for 3 days after which, if you are satisfied and comfortable with our online Quran teachers, you can register as a permanent student.

Are the classes conducted on a fixed regular schedule?

Online Quran Lesson provides its users with the facility to decide when to conduct the classes. This enables the students to take the online Quran classes at the time most suited to them. However the duration of each session is fixed.

Having a computer is necessary for online Quran classes?

If you have not computer or laptop, you can take your lesson on mobile. Online Quran Lesson uses a software called Skype for online Quran classes. This software also has a mobile app to allow people to take the online Quran learning courses on their Android/iOS mobile phones.

Is there an age limit to take online Quran learning course?

No there is no age limit. People of all age groups can apply for any course they are interested in.

Do you high focus on teaching Quran to beginners?

Online Quran Lesson focuses on online Quran learning for beginners as well as on teaching advanced Quran learning courses. You can view the details of the courses we provided on our website and register in the course of your liking.

What is the duration of each class?

1 to 1 Classes duration is 30 minutes for each student. At some cases it can be increased up to 45 minutes.