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Every Muslim parent has an important duty to give their children magnificent information about Quran and Islamic lessons. Every Muslim student with Tajweed rules should get the Reading Quran attachment in Arabic. In particular, Alim QuranAcademy has planned different courses for kids to learn Quran Online effectively at home each and on the road to success. You don’t have to send your kids to learn Quran and Islamic education from outside your home.

If a kid acquires the basic knowledge of Quran from an early age, it becomes easier for them to follow the teachings of Islam in adulthood. Online Quran classes offer a lot of advantages to working parents that can arrange classes for their kids keeping their schedules in check.We provide one to one Quran learning classes and you can choose the time of Quran learning yourself.

Our Children’s Online Quran Program is extremely progressive, verified, effective and reasonable to all. Your kids can comfortably take Online Quran Classes anytime and anywhere from home.

WHY Alim Quran for Kids?


It the most difficult and the extreme occupation to do as a Quran instructor. As a result of various degree of children and their distinctive degree of understanding, a great Qur’an researcher ought to have tolerance so they can get the children level of comprehension and plan appropriately. Quran instructor must set up objectives and utilize distinctive inspiration techniques to energize the student.

Discount for all

We offer entirely reasonable classes for every Muslim child and furthermore offer and kid’s concession for more than one kid from a family.

Confident tutors

Alim Quran Tutors are confident have the capacities to pass judgment on their students and propel them to be anxious to learn Quran. Not simply read it, rather become familiar with the heavenly Quran with translation and remember it by heart let the child think about its advantages. Urge them to know the genuine implications of life.

Good Relationship with the Students

A good Quran teacher would know how to build relationships with their students and would be accessible, warm and caring. The Tutors with these qualities are able to built relationships with the kids and encourage them to be just more than a normal kid.

Basic Knowledge of Islam

The children will likewise get familiar with Islam, Iman, Prayers, accounts of Prophet and significantly more while learning Quran Online.

Homework Plan

We have developed simple exercises for kids and after every Quran Classes kids can easily revise their lessons at home.

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    Online Quran for Kids

    And in the Qudsi hadith Allah says about the importance of learning the Quran and reciting it, the Messenger of Allah said, “The Lord, Blessed and Most High said,”.

    Whoever is too busy with the Quran for remembering and asking me, and then I shall give him more than what I give to those who ask. And the virtue of Allah speech over the speech of others is like the virtue of Allah over his creation.

    Learning Quran for kids changes their lives and affects it positively as the child’s brain is so clear and the Quran increases the innovative abilities and the level of concentrating and memory for the reciter as increasing the memorize capacity in Arabic language.The effects of learning the kids the Quran is enormous as it reflects on his attitude where he will regulate in his breeding and different upbringing and is strengthened by the Arabic terminology he has and widens his mental capacities as well as the peace of the heart and mind join us now in our course Learn Quran for kids.

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